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Download Makeup Director 2.0 Full Version

CyberLink MakeupDirector Deluxe: is designed with the Makeup Artist considered in mind to make MakeupDirector the best front-line digital makeup technology in the world which offers a new way to speed up your creative process.

MakeupDirector’s version 2 awesome tools and facial detection technology give you flawless virtual makeup. Whether you are a hobbyist photographer or a professional makeup artist MakeupDirector offers endless creativity, from the simple re-touching of family photos to advanced applications such as testing makeup color palettes on your models before you shoot.

Features & Improvements in CyberLink Makeup Director 2.0 : 

Realistic Makeup Kit – it includes a massive collection of makeup colors and styles for the face, eyes, lips, and more. Mix and match to create unlimited possibilities that are true to life.

Lovely Shape – Get extra pounds off with an easy slider to reshape faces for a slimmer look. Enlarge the eyes too for added attraction.

Precise Mapping – At its core, MakeupDirector’s leading face mapping technology is the foundation of realistic virtual makeup. Facial features are precisely mapped yet can be fine-tuned with customized adjustments.

Improved feature Face Contouring – An improved Face Contouring tool allows you to apply different foundation patterns and manually select from a variety of dark and light tones, for a truly natural look.

Instant Looks & Hair Colors – Comes with a library of Natural and Costume looks. Expand the library by downloading more looks from Beauty Circle. Easily change hair colors to create the complete style you envision.

Perfect Smile – Give the lips an upward lift to create a subtle smile. Comes with tools to whiten teeth for the perfect smile.

NEW feature How To” Tutorials – Watch “How To” tutorial videos and learn more about all the great Looks you can create, A perfect way to apply the same styles in real life as you do with MakeupDirector.

Create and Share – MakeupDirector is all you need to design new looks. You can also share your looks on Beauty Circle, a community of beauty enthusiasts around the world.

NEW feature Color Picker – Select and save your own set of custom colors to be used for applying foundation, blush, eyeliner, eye color, lip color, hair color, eyebrows and eyeliner.

Multiple Face Recognition – MakeupDirector will intelligently recognize multiple faces in your photos and automatically assign facial points respectively. You can also adjust the results manually for a perfect finish.

Easier to use UI – MakeupDirector is extremely easy to use. Clear representation of colors and styles that can be easily selected and fine-tuned for customized looks.

NEW feature Break Down Your Looks – Review all the changes you made to each image down to the very colors and ratios you applied. A perfect way to use the same styles across different projects.

Pixel Perfect – Support for high-resolution images, lets you work on bigger screens, tends to greater details, and produces top-quality makeup looks to share with clients.

Radiant Skin – Make every face perfect with skin smoothening to remove wrinkles, blemishes, shine, eye bags, and red eye removal.

Download New Looks – Download looks you love from Beauty Circle – a growing community of beauty lovers who share everything from makeup, and nail art to fashion and beauty.

How to Activate,  Register Or Crack CyberLink MakeupDirector for free ?

  • Run blockhosts.bat file “provided” as administrator. (Once) or add the following line to your windows hosts file manually.

  • Install CyberLink MakeupDirector Deluxe 2.0.1827.62005 via setup launcher.
  • Close / Skip Online registration form “if appeared on screen”.
  • After that Install offline update patch using setup.exe “file” present in update folder.

All done, enjoy ! CyberLink MakeupDirector 2.0.1827.62005 Pre – activated for free…  

CyberLink MakeupDirector Deluxe 2.0 Pre – Cracked Download Links ! 

Download MakeupDirector 2 / Alternate Link /


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3. Choose a folder where CyberLink Makeup Director Deluxe 2 will be installed.
4. Pick between 6 servers where you want to download from.
5. Hit download. After a couple minutes, you will be able to press Install now.
6. The process is fully auto, so you should already have by now CyberLink Makeup Director Deluxe 2 installed on your PC.

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CyberLink Makeup Director Deluxe 2 Cracked Full
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